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Costume Tailoring

Costumes For All Occasions

We will design and tailor creative costumes for event personnel, promotion, advertising, moderators, show performers, movie or theater play. We can custom fit highest quality shirts, suits and jeans.

Design & Usefulness

Thanks to our experience and cooperation with fashion designers and creative workshops we are able to meet any of your ideas. We prefer a personal and flexible approach in all our products, emphasizing the connection of the creative aspect, functionality and usefulness of the designed garment. Branding with the customer’s logo is a matter of course.

Bulk Production

We can offer design and tailoring of costumes from single pieces to an unlimited amount of uniform costumes. A larger number of identical costumes usually reduces expense, making it possible to create a single piece for a lower average price. A period of four weeks is recommended for the design draft, choice of materials from a sampler, tailoring, trial in person and modifications so that a perfect outcome is ensured.

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1. Customer’s Order

Fill out a form at our webpage or contact us by phone or mail. Please do not forget to mention the number of costumes, date of fabrication, the intended purpose, whether they will be costume fitted, and their style.

2. Tailor Design - Visuals

We will provide drawings of the costumes based on your order with one or more variants. A price estimate will be prepared at the same time. The final price will be agreed upon after the choice of a particular material due to their wide price range. The visualization will include the complete costume and optional accessories such as belts, scarves, shoes, jewelry et al.

3. Material Sampler

We will prepare for you a sampler of recommended fabrics describing their properties and prices. This will be followed by client’s approval of the chosen materials and the final price based on the fabrics chosen.

4. Production

During the course of the production the costumes will be tried on figurants or, in the case of custom fitting, on the people in question