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About us


Liability Insurance

With us, you’re safe. Our staff have liability insurance up to the amount of CZK 2,5 million of damages. This limit can be further increased if the event requires it

Choice of Staff

We choose our staff very carefull. The selection procedure has several rounds and we require both photos and CVs from the applicants. During the face-to-face interview we test their strong and weak points, communication skills and knowledge of foreign languages. If a client is dissatisfied with a new employee, we end our working relationship with them.

Gloria Muzealis

We promote culture and the arts. Every year we are one of the partners of the prestigious cultural event of the Ministr of Culture, Gloria Muzealis.




The Founding of Event Models

We founded the company Event Models Management s.r.o., which specializes in providing the services of models and luxury hostesses. The company resided in the center of Prague.


Change of residence

We moved the company to the the spacious premises of a film school in Prague 5, enchanted by the historical fort from the 16thcentury, a place with its own atmosphere like no other.


Branching out with costume rentals

We lend individual costumes to clients hiring our staff as well as third parties.


The e-kostymy.cz website

We have been working on a new website for on-line costume rentals for hostesses, as well as film and historical costumes.


Creating a promotional team division

We expanded our services with those of promoters.




I founded the company Event Models in 2013, after making the decision to become a professional businesswoman after 10 years of experience in the world of hostesses, marketing communication and business. During my studies I have been a hostess, a promoter and a model. That is why I believe that thanks to all my personal experience and several years I spent as a business development manager I can relate and understand what you need. 

Me and the whole team will do our best not to let you down.

Lenka Priesolová

Managing Director , event models